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HELLO, 2012~

Why hello there everyone~ :D This is me procrastinating on things I should be doing like picking out my university units or...writing...yeah. But anywho, new year, new intro post! Come drop by and say hi, reintroduce yourself, yell at my face for not being on LJ anymore (which will change this year, I swear!) and basically do whatever the hell ya'll want in the comments.

To start things off, my name is Jo

now play this as you read, it makes everything less boring and more epic:


I'm part of the 1993 line so I'm not jailbait anymore, which makes me a little sad :( you know what makes me un-sad though? Being absolutely legal in more than a few countries. Come at me, brah.

Current residence: Malaysia, but soon to be Melbourne, Australia for university. Jyeahhh kangaroo jerky! Koalas! Wombats.

if I'm not on LJ, you can find me on:
twitter, where I spam and spazz and swear a lot, 24/7 all day err' day
facebook, where the above happens but not as frequently
tumblr, where I reblog pretty things, gay people, lolcats, memes and fandom-y things

so in short, Twitter is like this:

while Facebook is more of a:

so far my fandoms are:
DBSK / TVXQ / HoMin / JYJ / Homoshinki
Kuroshitsuji / Black Butler / That shota show with the butlers and little boys
Sekaiichi Hatsukoi
Harry Potter
Inception (BRMMMMM)

Now, it's your turn because I have no friends and I need friends :(

alternatively, you can just ditch the handy dandy pre-made thing on top and go wild :D That is all. Thank you for your time and Yunho wishes all of you a nice day~

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